ezML Documentation
building the future.

Integrate powerful and versatile computer vision in <30s .

Why ezML?

It is modern and easy to use while being lean and insanely performant.


ezML is user friendly with 1-click training and deployment, with extensive library interactions!


ezML uses the cutting-edge vision models with custom functionality through fine-tuning .

Serveless GPU deployment

Forget paying for a dedicated GPU server 24/7. Our serverless architecture means a flat rate per request -- greatly cutting down costs!


ezML's API is simple to use with instructions-included. Best practices by industry!

Automatically scalable

Don't worry about the low-level logistics. ezML will scale to handle your load to gurantee uptime!

Decoupled + Composable

ezML is extensible in features, so you can build up complexity and features with ease (like LEGO!).